Why Plena Curae?

Veterinarians treating chronic pain and inflammation need a lot of tools in their box, which is why holistic vets make use of both traditional (acupuncture, manual therapy, herbal therapy, homeopathy) and modern (PEMF, medical ozone) modalities. But sometimes you need something more, especially in cases of advanced geriatric osteoarthritis, maladaptive neurogenic pain, and other difficult to treat conditions, like refractory epilepsy, destabilized metabolic syndrome, cognitive dysfunction, and cancer.  Traditional healers have used curcuminoids and cannabinoids for millennia.

If you are new to using cannabinoids click here to learn about the endocannabinoid system.  If you are already using CBD in your practice, here’s why you need to add Plena Curae Endocannabinoid Support Formula to your toolbox.

Vet Formulated and Supported

Plena Curae sells only to veterinary professionals, and comes to you from a vet educator and research scientist, who developed one of the most prominent canine CBD studies. We are on top of new clinical applications of cannabinoids, the latest developments in the hemp industry and have the connections to navigate bumps in the rapidly changing legal landscape before they become a problem.  We can answer all your questions about dosing and indications– just email info@plenacuraevets.com.


Since hemp products were legalized by U.S. Congress in December 2018, the market has been flooded with anyone and everyone bottling everything from hemp cooking oil to paint thinner. Plena Curae is made from MCT organic coconut oil and superb cannabidiol isolate, always 3rd party lab tested, so you know exactly what your patient is getting!


Poor extraction technique can make many commercial CBD products have a solvent aftertaste.  Additionally, high potency full spectrum oils have a very strong “weedy” flavor which many pets dislike. Our organic MCT coconut oil formulation is a hit with everyone, and enables accurate micro-dosing.


Hemp and CBD products are everywhere lately, but not everyone realizes that treats and chews are not an effective way to dose with CBD because of cannabidiol’s lipophilic nature and the first pass liver CYP450 detoxification of “edibles”.   Our products, appropriately delivered in the pet’s mouth for trans-mucosal absorption, will deliver the best results!!


Our products are competitively priced with the top national CBD retailers but with higher potency and better quality control of CBD isolate sourcing. These products are only sold through licensed professionals and the MSRP reflects the most common practice markups.  Everybody wins!