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CBD isolate in MCT coconut oil

Our popular original Endocannabinoid Support Formula gives high potency, high quality cannabidiol (CBD) from organic hemp in in a palatable, odor-free formulation.
ECS 900        30 mg/ml, 1 mg/drop
ECS 1800      60 mg/ml, 2 mg/drop
ECS Hi Test   150 mg/ml, 5 mg/drop

4:3 CBG Endocannabinoid Support

New 4:3 CBG is a broad spectrum hemp oil rich in both cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabidiol (CBD) for the “entourage” effect.  These tinctures are high potency, yet light tasting, and palatable.
4:3 Booster    30 : 22.5 mg/ml
4:3 Regular     60 : 45 mg/ml
4:3 Ultra        120 : 90 mg/ml

Curcumin & Boswellia

Unique NovoSOL extract with micellar solubilized curcumin and boswellia acids is 185x more bioavailable than turmeric.
This renal and hepatic friendly combination can safely replace many pharmaceutical NSAIDs while minimizing risks for co-morbidities.
Regular            500 mg    90 ct
Large Breed     500 mg    120 ct