About Plena Curae

Plena Curae (say “pleh-nah kyoo-ray”) means “holistic care” in Latin.  Founder of Plena Curae, holistic veterinarian, educator, author and researcher Karen Gellman DVM, PhD is known throughout the holistic veterinary community as one of the founders of Postural Rehabilitation, teaching vets about the biomechanics and neurology of posture and locomotion. She has been a featured speaker at veterinary conferences throughout North America and Europe and has been awarded grants as research director of Maximum Horsepower Research, a USDA registered entity. She teaches summer programs at Cornell University, training young researchers, and has a private holistic veterinary practice in Ithaca, New York, offering acupuncture, manual therapy, nutraceuticals, homotoxicology, medical ozone and phytotherapies for pets and horses. Before training as a veterinarian and locomotion biomechanics scientist, Dr. Gellman worked in molecular biology laboratories at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, and Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine.

Plena Curae started when a local friend began making wonderful CBD products for humans, under the name Ithacannabis.  Excited by the idea of formulating cannabinoid products that truly served veterinarians’ needs, they began to work together.  Now, Ithacannabis and Plena Curae are separate companies, but retain close ties, and Plena Curae benefits from their deep connection to the nascent hemp industry.  Dr. Gellman’s role, as veterinary director of Plena Curae, brings together both clinical and research expertise, to create botanical pain solutions for pets that tick all the boxes vets care about: science based, effective, high quality, reliable, easy to use, affordable.