Joan and Duncan, 12-year-old Westie.

Before starting treatments and taking Plena Curae Curcumin & Boswellia, Duncan was becoming a cranky old man too early!  It was hard for him to jump up onto the sofa and he would fuss at you when you touched his back!  After just one bottle of Plena Curae Curcumin & Boswellia, he was almost back to normal, jumping and playing!  After the second bottle, to our surprise he didn’t even flinch when the vet touched him!

13 year old German Shorthair Pointer 

Gunner needed monthly acupuncture and chiropractic treatments for hind end pain and weakness last year.  In the fall, he injured his eye and was in terrible pain, so Dr. Gellman prescribed the 1800 CBD oil.  Not only was his eye pain gone immediately, but he regained all his mobility!!  Then, this spring, we added the Plena Curae Curcumin & Boswellia— Gunner is like a puppy on it!  He is jumping onto the bed & couch.  Leaping up the steps.  He’s playful!!” 

12 year old Great Dane

This stuff is gold!  Seriously.  My old guy is already feeling much better getting around and is also doing so much better when I have to take him to work!  He can stay settled instead of pacing and panting the whole time he is there, he is resting better and is getting up easier in the morning.  So great!

Tony and Zeb, 14 year old Staffordshire  

First,  I put 2 drops of the CBD oil under my tongue and I could actually feel it in less than 2 minutes and the taste is absolutely perfect.  Zeb fought with me initially trying to put the drops in his lip but seemed actually happy once he tasted it.  Phenomenal product, well done!  We can walk almost a mile now!

Jen and Aidesh, 15 year old Vizsla

I’m seeing a major improvement in my older Vizsla since she’s been back on the Plena Curae 1800 formula. I was out of it for a few weeks, but now she’s in her second (third, fourth?) puppyhood, complete with bounces and perkiness. A bit of warmer weather didn’t hurt either, but I think the formula helped her through those horrid cold days. Many thanks, I’m so glad you’re making this available. At 15 she was caught counter surfing. Seriously?  A pretty good testimony for the Plena Curae formula!

Sharon and Luna, 3 year old Husky. 

The CBD oil is really amazing for Luna.  She gets 2 drops twice a day most days  After the 1st 10 days her feet were no longer pink from her constant licking.  She has not had any anxiety at daycare her 2 days a week.  At home she does sleep a lot but wakes up easily and is playing, going for walks, eating, talking a lot, and minding well. No excessive panting.

Rebecca and 16 year old Misha

The CBD seems to be helping Misha so much! Mobility wise and mentally she seems sharper. I’m assuming it’s the CBD because the change seemed instant.  She’s less anxious too.. when I wake her up in the morning she seems so much better rested and ready to go than she has been the past few months

Dr. Liz, vet from Mississippi.

I give my show horse (Rubie) 0.25 cc before I ride.  I had to go up a little for the show to 0.5 cc since she picks up on my anxiety and was nervous.  I also give it to my old show horse, Diva, who has been on the injured list and I am trying to rehab back.  It works well to just relax them but they are still responsive.  So, when I’m riding and training, they think through the problem and don’t just react.  Rubie tends to get nervous because she wants to do things right and hates to be corrected.  The CBD has made a world of difference in her training.  We have made huge improvements since I started using it.

Marvin, 3 year old mini Dachshund

Marvin had such bad separation anxiety, he needed to be rehomed, in a situation where he wouldn’t be left alone.  Just 1-2 drops of CBD calmed him enough that he could stay with the rest of his pack for up to half a day!